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Cash Valve

Cash Valve Tyco Flow Control Pentair 

      Temperature Regulating Valves | Cryogenic Valves | Control Valves |
      Pressure Regulating Valves | Vacuum Valves | Back Pressure Valves


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CASH VALVE temperature regulating valves, cryogenic valves, control valves, pressure regulators, vacuum valves, & back pressure valves.


Cash Valve Products Sold by M&M Control Service

Temperature Regulating Valves
Temperature Regulating Valves

Back Pressure Valve
Back Pressure Valves
Cash Valve Cryogenic Valves


Back Pressure Valves
Cryogenic Valves
Control Valves
Vacuum Valves
Pressure Regulating Valves
Temperature Regulating Valves

About Cash Valves

Cash Valve products are for steam, air/gas, liquid, and cryogenic applications. Products range in size from 1/8" - 2" for threaded NPT connections and up through 6" for flanged configurations. Cash Valve offers a wide selection of pressure reductions with initial inlets of 720 psi and reductions from 1 to 400 psi. Temperatures range between cryogenic up through 800°F. Materials of construction are offered with iron, brass, bronze, carbon, and stainless steel depending on your application and diaphragms of various elastomers and metal configurations.

Pressure Regulating B Valve
Pressure Regulating Valves
Cash Valve Vacuum Valve
Vacuum Valves
Cash Valve Control Valve
Control Valves
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Cash Acme

Cash Acme Products Sold by M&M Control Service

Cash Acme Pressure Regulating Valves Cash Acme Thermostatic Mixing Valves Cash Acme Relief Valves Cash Acme General Heating Products Cash Acme General Plumbing Products Cash Acme Back Flow Prevention Devices Cash Acme Expansion Tanks Cash Acme Products


Pressure Regulating Valves
Relief Valves
General Plumbing Products
Expansion Tanks
Backflow Prevention Products
General Heating Products

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For almost 100 years, Cash Acme has designed and manufactured water pressure, thermostatic, and temperature valves. Since its origin in Decatur, Illinois to its current state-of-the-art facility in Cullman, Alabama, Cash Acme products have always been a respected name in the U.S. plumbing and heating industries.

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