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& Steam Products

Barber Colman - Process and HVAC Valves and Controls

Bellofram PCD

Bellofram PCD - The Bellofram Corporation; (Bellofram Precision Controls Division) - Air Regulators, I/P Transducers, Filters, Lubricators and more
Blancett Blancett - Industrial In-Line Flow Meters
Blue-White Industries - Pumps, Rotameters, Flowmeters & More
CAL Controls - Temperature and Process Controllers, Operator Panels, Temperature Sensors, Thermostats, Solid State Relays
Dwyer - Differential Pressure Gauges, Flowmeters, Transmitters, Manometers


Fireye - Flame Safeguard and Accessories
Flo-tech Flo-Tech - Testers, Flow Meters, Digital Displays, Temp Sensors

Hedland - In-Line Flowmeters, Switches and Alarms - Headland

Honeywell - Process and HVAC Valves, Controls, Recorders, Etc.

Johnson Controls Johnson Controls - Pneumatic, Commercial and Residential Controls, Stats, and Accessories

LFE - Temperature, flow, PID, Cascade Controls and Controllers

Love Controls - Temperature Controllers, Panel Meters, Humidity, Sensors, Handheld devices, Transmitters, Alarms, Data Acquisition, Recorders, Thermometers, Acc.
Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies - Gauges, Thermometers, Diaphragm Seals, Pressure Regulators, Digital Controllers, Panel Meters and Tachometers, Automatic Timing & Controls
Marsh Gauges Marsh Gauges - Gauges, FRLs, Thermometers, and Diaphragm Seals
Marsh Marshalltown Marsh Marshalltown Inc. - Gauges, Thermometers and Needle Valves
Mamac Systems - Humidity, Pressure and Temperature Sensors
MCC Powers MCC Powers - Water Temperature Control Solutions
Mercoid - Differential Pressure Switches and Gauges

Moore Industries - Controllers, Transducers, Temperature Sensors, Alarms, Signal Transmitters, Indicators, Displays and Interfaces

Partlow West - Electronic and Pneumatic Controls for Temperature Pressure, PID, Cascade, Circular Chart Recorders, Paper, Pens and Gas Valves. (some elements contain mercury)

PIE Calibrators - Complete line of Process Calibrators from Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE)

PowersTM Regulator Company - Fiat, MCC PowersTM, Powers Process Controls, Crane - PowersTM, PowersTM a Watts Industries Company and Moore Industries Industry - Electronic, Pneumatic, Self Actuated and Thermostatic Valves, Hydroguard Shower Valves; Electronic and Pneumatic Controls and Controllers, Thermostatic Mixing (3 way) Valves, Flowrite Valves, PH, PID, Flow and cascade controls and Controllers.

Pyromation Incorporated - Thermocouples, RTDs, Wire, Transmitters and other Sensors

Rustrak - Strip Chart Recorders, Data & Event loggers, Paper & Pens

Sterling Sterlco - Steam Control Products - Condensate Pumps, Boiler Feed Units, Steam Traps, Strainers Radiator Valves, Centrifugal Pumps, and Temperature Control Valves

Siemens - Electronic and Pneumatic HVAC Controls, Valves, Sensors, Actuators, Thermostats, Combustion Controls, Etc.
Vaisala Vaisala - Temperature and Humidity Sensors
W. E. Anderson W.E. Anderson - Specialty Controls

West - Temperature, Flow, PH, PID Controls, Controllers and Instrumentation