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How to Identify Fireye Controls

Beginning January 1976 Fireye adopted the US national standard date coding for all units whereby the first two digits identify the year and the second two digits identify the week of the year.
Example 9212 = twelfth week of 1992.

"M" Series Controls
UVM, TFM Controls have their date code stamped on the side of the chassis.

M-II Series and MicroM Series Controls
Both the M-II and MicroM Series Controls have the model number printed on a label located on the chassis, amplifier and programmer. The date code, serial number and engineering codes are printed on a label on the chassis. The date code and engineering code are stamped on the underside of the printed circuit board on the programmer and amplifiers.

"D" Series Controls
D-Series Chassis Controls (70D10/, 70D20/21, 70D30 & 70D40/41) have date code, engineering code, and model number stamped on the control. Model number appears on chassis board under top end of the chassis and on a label on the black plastic rear cover of the chassis. D-Series Amplifiers and Programmers have their model numbers in the lower right hand corner as you look at the covered side. Their date code is just opposite the model number but on the uncovered side of the circuit board.

Flame-Monitor Controls
Flame-Monitor Chassis (EB700, EB720, EB721) have the model number, date code, and engineering code stamped on the bottom of the chassis. Flame Monitor Amplifiers and programmers have their model number printed on a label located on the upper left hand corner tab. Their date code and engineering code appear on the uncovered side of the printed circuit board.

"P" Series Controls
Types 25RU8, 25SU5, 26RJ8, 26SJ5, 29RF5 have chassis labels which identify the type, model, code and serial numbers. Should code and serial numbers not appear on the chassis label, they will be found metal-stamped into: the bottom handle of the control and on the metal barrier on the frame just below the terminal board. The serial number indicates the date of manufacture.

Note: Black print on a red label and red print on a white label will always identify an FR control.

"C" Series Controls
Types 24CJ5, 25CU6, 25DU4, 26CF6 have chassis labels located on the top of the amplifier that identify the control as to type and model. The code and serial numbers appear stamped on left side of control and stamped on front of the control just above or below the timer motor. The serial number for "C" Series controls is coded as follows: "72B" indicates February 1972 unit, "71D" indicates April 1971 unit.

When replacing Honeywell controls with Fireye controls, be sure to follow the wiring diagram included with the Fireye unit. Fireye and Honeywell controls are not directly interchangeable, external wiring requirements are different.

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