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Sterlco Sterling

Sterling Steam Control

Sterlco Engineering Co., Inc., Sterlco Sterl Co. Sterling


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Sterling Sterlco Steam Control Products

Steam Traps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Central Chillers, Centrifugal Pumps, Portable Chillers, Control Systems, Condensate Return Pumps, Hand Radiator Valves, Temperature Control Valves, TCU's, Y Strainers, Pump Tanks

About Sterling Sterlco: In 1916 the company known as the Sterling Engineering Company (Sterl Co) began designing and manufacturing valves, traps, strainers, and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems. Today, with more than 80 years of application experience, a diverse engineering staff, state-of-the-art CAD-CAM design and thousands of custom applications, Sterlco is uniquely suited to meet your individual requirements and specifications.

Steam Control Family

Product Line Brochure

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Steam Traps

Boiler Feed Pumps

Condensate Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Sterlco Steam Traps Sterlco Boiler Feed Pumps Sterlco Condensate Pumps Sterling Centrifugal Pumps

Float & Thermostatic (F&T)
Thermostatic Radiator Traps
Inverted Bucket

4100 Series Steel,
4200 Series Cast Iron,
4300 Series SS,
3500 Series, & 5000 Series

4100 Series Steel,
4200 Series Cast Iron,
4300 Series Stainless Steel
3500 Series
3700 Series Underground

G Series
J Series

Y Strainers

Temperature Control Valves

Hand Radiator Valves


Sterlco Y Strainers Sterlco Temperature Control Valves Radiator Valves, Models 511, 518, 523  

Models 18-Y & 20-Y

Type 56 Valves
Type 56-T Valves
150 Series

Packed Stem, Packless, and Spring Packed


Temperature Control Units

Product Line Brochure

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Portable Chillers

Central Chillers

TCU (Water)

TCU (Oil)

Sterlco TCU Chillers Central Chilling Stations Sterling TCU Water Sterling Oil TCUs

SMC Series
GP Series

GC Series
SWK WinterKooler Systems
SSC-WT Series Pinnacle

Micro Series
SEU Series
Royal Series

2016C Series Compact
2016M Series Midsize
2016U Series Hot Oil

Pump Tanks




Sterling CT/CW Series Pump Tank      

CT/CW Series





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