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Sterlco Sterling Y Strainers

Y Strainers; Models 18-Y and 20-Y

Pumps, control valves, traps or any other equipment controlling the flow of liquids or gases require proper protection with strainers for trouble-free operation. Sterlco Sterling Sterlco® strainers are engineered for water or steam, and are adaptable for many other uses.Cleaning is accomplished by simply removing a pipe plug without disconnecting any piping. Or if it is desirable to clean without interrupting service, a blow-off valve can be connected to the cleanout opening.

Model 18-Y "Y" Strainers

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Sterlco Y Strainer Model 18-Y
Model 18-Y Strainer

Benefits & Features

The 18-Y strainer body is a sturdy red brass (steam bronze) casting. Standard units have 40-mesh brass wire screens. Available on special order with brazing connections instead of pipe threads. For special service requirements, both 20-Y and 18-Y strainers can be furnished with a wide variety of perforated metal and wire mesh strainer screens.


Model 20-Y "Y" Strainers

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Sterlco Y Strainers Model 20-Y
Model 20-Y Strainer

Benefits & Features

The 20-Y strainer has a heavy cast iron body, with accurately machined pipe thread inlet and outlet. Standard units have 20-Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Screen for sizes 1/2" to 2"; Stainless Steel Screen - 3/64" Diameter Perforations for sizes 2-1/2" and 3". Flanged models use Stainless Steel Screens - 1/16" Diameter Perforations.


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