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Apollo Handle Options for Ball Valves

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Ball Valve Handle Options

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2-1/4" Stem Extension
Apollo Ball Valve Stem Extension
Used to elevate the handle to accommodate pipe insulation or to relocate the position of the handle where necessary. Also available with balancing stop. Latch-Lock Lever & Nut
Latch-lock Lever & Nut
Model Number: -27 Option
Lock Plate
Apollo Lock Plate
Model Number: -19 Option Spring Return
Spring Return
Steel Tee Handle
Steel Tee Handle
Used where space limitation prevents use of the standard lever type handle. Useful also to help prevent accidental openings by: Limiting projection of the operating device distance beyond the valve and increasing the turning force required to operate valve. Also, balances the turning effect of vibration.
Therma Seal
Apollo Therma Seal
The Apollo® Therma-SealTM thermal insulating tee-handle is designed to be used in applications where piping insulation is required. Manufactured from high strength glass reinforced nylon, these handles are ideally suited for the toughest commercial and industrial applications. Handles are available as a factory installed option (-11 option suffix) or as a kit for retrofits.
Wheel Handle
Apollo Ball Valve Wheel handle
Prevents accidental operation and balances the turning effect of vibration

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