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Ball Valves

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Apollo marine model 70-100-10 ball valve

Shut-Off Valve. 1/4" to 3". Female NPT Thread, 600 CWP (psig), Cold Non-Shock. 150 psig Saturated Steam.

Apollo marine model 70-600-10 ball valve

Three-Way diverter valve, bronze and stainless, 1/2" to 2". Female NPT Thread, 400 CWP (psig), Cold Non-Shock.



78 Sea Flange Valves

Apollo marine model 77-100-10 ball valve

Shut-Off valve. Full port ball valve with mounting pad. 1/4" to 2.5". Female NPT Thread, 600 CWP (psig), Cold Non-Shock. 150 psig Saturated Steam.

Apollo marine model 78 Sea Flange ball valve

Full Flow Sea Flange Valve, bronze, 3/4" to 4". An 85-5-5-5 bronze ball type valve developed to replace plug and other types of sea cocks in the boating industry.



78-600 / 900

Apollo marine model 78-200-10 ball valve

Fuel Shut off valve w/ mounting ears, bronze, 1/4" - 3/4". Female NPT Thread, 600 CWP (psig), Cold Non-Shock. 150 psig Saturated Steam.

Apollo marine model 78-600 / 900 ball valve

Bronze Ball Valve with center tap drain. 3/4" to 2". Female NPT Thread, 600 CWP (psig), Cold Non-Shock.


5-Way 78-124 & 125 Series

Apollo 5-way marine ball valve

Threaded, 5-Way, Full Port, Bronze Ball Valve, 50 CWP, Sizes: 1/2" to 3/4" (DN 15 to DN 20). Female NPT Thread. 50 CWP (psig).


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Marine Fittings

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Apollo 65-007 pipe to hose adapter

Pipe To Hose Adapter, Bronze, 1/2" to 4". Single-piece construction and cast-in wrench flats.

Apollo 90 degree pipe to hose adapter 90 Degree Pipe To Hose Adapter, bronze, 1/2" to 4". One-piece adapter simplifies right angle connections. Cast with wrench flats.



Apollo bronze flange nuts

Flange nuts, bronze, 1/4" to 4". Designed and built with large surface to distribute load, for longer service life and more reliable connections.

Apollo thru hull connection

Thru Hull Connection, bronze or chromed, 1/2" - 4". For connections below the waterline.




Apollo barbed thru hull connection

Barbed Thru Hull Connection, bronze or chromed. Recommended for use with hose above the water line.

Apollo 90 degree Thru Hull Connection

90 degree Thru Hull Connection w/ hose adaptor, bronze or chromed, 3/4" to 2". Allows hose to be connected to thru-hull in tight spaces above the waterline.



Apollo Extra Long Thru Hull Connection

Extra Long Thru Hull Connection, bronze or chromed, 3/4" - 2 1/2". Extra long to allow for thru-hull connections through the transom or through the bottom of foam filled hulls.


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Intake Strainers

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65-BF8 / BN8

65-BF8 / BN8 Intake Strainer

Intake Strainer, Bronze, 1/2" to 2", One-Piece Designed for long life, easy installation; 85-5-5-5 bronze. Available with & without flange nut.


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