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Cla-Val Company
Automatic Control Valves



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Cla-Val  Automatic Control Valves

About Cla-Val: Since 1936, CLA-VAL has been a leading manufacturer of the highest quality automatic control Animated Claval Valve valves for a diverse array of industries throughout the world. Cla-Val is a global manufacturer with headquarters, an on-site foundry, and manufacturing operation and production facilites on a complex in Costa Mesa, California.

        All Cla-Val automatic control valves and associated products are made from the highest quality materials. Cla-Val provides a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in over fifty different varieties of metals and grades.

Markets: Some industries served include Waterworks, Fire Protection, and Industrial and Wastewater. Select valve categories below for more information. For immediate assistance, call 1-800-876-0036.


Cla-Val Products


Spec & Tech Sheets       

Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Relief Valves Group Pressure Reducing Valves Group

Waterworks Products: The 50 Series Valve is designed to maintain constant upstream pressure within close limits.

Fire Protection Products: Designed specifically for fire protection pumping systems.

Waterworks: PRV automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure.

Fire Protection: Typical PRV applications include fire sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial facilities.


Altitude & Level Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

Level Control Valves Flow Control Valves

Altitude Valves
Altitude valves can be configured for one-way or two-way flow depending on system requirements.

Level Control Valves
Non-modulating float valves open fully when the liquid level in a tank reaches a pre-set low point.

Flow Control Valves
Cla-Val Flow Control/Rate of Flow Control Valves prevent excessive flow by limiting flow to a preselected minimum rate.

Accurate control is achieved as very small changes in the controlling differential pressure produce immediate corrective action of the main valve.


Check Valves

Pinch Valves

Check Valves Pinch Valves

Check Valves
Cla-Val Check Valves are available in the sizes and configurations you need to provide return flow protection for industrial and wastewater applications.

Cla-Val Series 500 Check Valves are available in a variety of body styles and provide non-slam, drip-tight closure with very low head loss.

Pinch Valves
Because of their simple yet effective design, Cla-Val Pinch Valves provide excellent flow control for hard-to-handle media such as slurries, sludges, and dry solids. The sleeve is the only valve part exposed to line fluid, significantly reducing the incidence of mechanical component breakdown.


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