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Milwaukee Valve

Milwaukee Specialty Valves

Ball Valves | Gate, Globe, & Checks | Butterfly Valves | Lead-Free | Specialty


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Specialty Valves

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Commercial Ball Valves

Butterball SloClose and Fire Protection ValvesButterball SloClose Specialty Valve

Fire-protection valves are available in a variety of styles and types including valves for main and riser service, supervised and unsupervised services as well as trim valves. Valves meeting UL, FM, NFPA and NYCBS & A/MEA are available.


Transport Valves

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Dry Bulk Transport Valves

Dry-Bulk Transport ValvesDry Bulk Transport Relief Valve

Dry-bulk transport valves are specially designed to handle the vibrations, temperature variations, weather, and hard knocks of highway hauling. Their aluminum body material provides solid performance, while minimizing non-payload weight.

Valves are available in lift check, horizontal swing check, angle lift check, gate, relief, and butterfly valve styles.



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Actuation and Controls

Actuation & Controls

A complete line of actuators and complementing control options are available for almost any valve, including rising stems. Milwaukee Valve ActuatorsPneumatic actuation is available in double acting and spring return styles with a wide range of torque outputs. Electric actuators are available as internal or external motor drives with various voltages and motor options. NEMA 4, 7 and 9 housings, linkage kits, positioners, limit switches, and other option packages are also available.


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