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Accritem Controllers are reliable, rugged, compact non-indicating controllers that accurately maintain temperatures in a wide variety of applications. The sensing element, rigid or remote bulb, is mounted directly in the medium to be controlled, and the Accritems response to temperature change is a proportional pneumatic signal sent to a control valve.

Accritem Rigid Bulb Controller

  • Compact control with bimetal sensor
  • Wide, easy to adjust temperature range (50 deg to 350 deg. F)
  • Rugged design with few moving parts
  • Maximum reliability, minimum maintenance
  • Copper and stainless bulbs

    744-1213  Direct Action, 744-1217 Heavy Duty

    744-1214 Reverse Action, 744-1218 Heavy Duty



Accritem II Rigid Bulb Controller

  • Same features as Accritem plus
  • Reliability of rigid bulb
  • Increased flexibility and remote monitoring
  • Easy to place in narrow pipes
  • Traverse mount to large pipes
  • Compression fittings for direct mount In pipe or tank
    744-1256 Direct Action
    744-1258 Reverse Action
    744-1273 Stainless
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Installation Instructions
Technical Instructions - Rigid Bulb
Technical Instructions - Remote Bulb

Accritem Specs

445 Steam and Water Mixer

PowersTM model 445 Steam and water mixer is a self-contained device that instantaneously controls water temperature from "cold" to 200°F. It is designed for economical installation and operation, requiring no separate reducing valve, temperature control or shutoff valves. The mixer is pressure actuated with no outside power source required- mixer automatically compensates for steam and water supply line fluctuations. A built-in noise supressor permits quiet operation.

The 445 mixer offers operating savings wherever a steady steam supply is available. Hot water is generated only when it is needed from existing steam supply; heat conduction/radiation losses are greatly reduced.