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Spence Engineering Products

  Spence Engineering Company, Inc.

Spence Engineering Co., Inc., a Division of CIRCOR


Phone: 847-356-0566      Fax: 847-356-0747      E-Mail:

Spence Engineering Company

Control Valves, Direct Operated Valves, Desuperheaters, Pilots & Combinations, Pump Protection Products, Regulators, Safety Relief Valves, Strainers

About Spence: The Spence Engineering Company was founded in 1926 by Paulsen Spence in Walden, New York. Paulsen Spence developed the original patent for the normally closed external pilot operated packless pressure regulator. This design is the basis for the products offered today. This technology offers the maximum in application and selection flexibility. Spence stands alone in their ability to produce regulators up to 12 inches in cast iron and cast steel. Their pilots are used to control pressure, temperature, differential pressure or back pressure either mechanically or with a pneumatic pilot.

Spence Products

Complete Catalog (12.25M)

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Control Valves

Spence Direct
Operated Valve

Noise Suppression,
Insulation &

Pilots &

Spence J Valve Control Valve Spence Direct Operated Valves Spence Desuperheaters Pilots & Combination Regulators

"Intimidator" Type J1 & J3, "Kombat" Types K1, K3, K5, K6, & K7, and "Boss" Type D1 and D2

Series 2000 Temperature Regulator, D50 and D/D2 Pressure Regulators

MOPS, Noise Suppressor,
Insulcap Thermal & Accoustic Jacket, Desuperheaters

Spence Pilots & Combinations


Pump Protection Products


Safety Relief Valves


Pump Protection Products Spence Regulators Safety Relief Valves Strainers

Suction Diffuser, Triple Duty Valve, Check Valves, Foot Valve

Models E, E2, E5,
E6, E8, and C34

Figure 31/41 Series,
Figure 800 Series,
Figure 10/15 Series

Y Strainers,
Basket Strainers,
Temporary Strainers


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Phone: 847-356-0566      Fax: 847-356-0747      E-Mail: