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Liquid Drain Traps


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Spirax Sarco offers a wide variety of liquid drainers for removing liquids from gases and timed controlled solenoid valves for liquid removal on compressed air systems.

Spirax Sarco Liquid Drain Traps

Spirax Sarco Products


Spirax Sarco Liquid Drain Traps


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Spirax Sarco Liquid Drain Trap

Liquid Drain Traps

Liquid Drain Traps
for effective draining of liquids from gases

Many industrial applications require the drainage of a liquid from either its own vapor phase or some other gas. Spirax Sarco automatic float-operated liquid drain traps are ideally suited for this purpose. The traps can handle liquids with a specific gravity as low as 0.5, and they are available in a wide variety of sizes, end connections and construction materials.

  • Stainless steel float automatically adjusts the valve opening to maintain a continuous liquid flow
  • Stainless steel valve mechanism
  • All internal parts can be serviced without disturbing the pipe connections

Benefits & Features

Because liquid which backs up in the separator may be re-entrained in the gas flow, continuous drainage is important. The Spirax Sarco float drain trap is ideal for this system because it adjusts instantly and automatically to load and pressure variations. The continuous, modulated flow means that liquid never backs up ahead of the trap.


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