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Trerice Pressure Gauges, Temperature Instrumentation, Control Valves

Diaphragm Seals   



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H.O. Trerice Pressure Gauges

      Diaphragm Seals


Threaded NPT, Flange-Mounted, In-Line Threaded, Saddle-Welded, Drop-In Welded, Mini & Compact, Sanitary, Options & Accessories

Diaphragm Seals   
Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Trerice Diaphragm Seals

Model Descriptions

Threaded NPT Offered in both Clean-out and Non Clean-out designs,
Flange-Mounted Furnished with a Clean-out design in ANSI Raised Face Flange (RFF) sizes of 1/2" through 3".
In-Line Threaded Furnished with a Clean-out design in threaded or socket-welded pipe connections of 1/4" through 1".
Saddle-Welded Furnished with a Clean-out design, for use on pipe sizes of 1" through 8".
Drop-In Welded Furnished with a Clean-out design for use on piping 4" or larger in diameter.
Mini & Compact Provides an economical way to isolate and protect pressure instruments from corrosion and clogging.
Sanitary Intended for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, or in any application where a thorough cleaning of the wetted surface is required.
Options & Accessories Capillary Tubing, Fittings and Bushings, Replacement Diaphragms, Gaskets, Fill Fluids

Benefits & Features

Protective devices that isolate a pressure sensing instrument from the process fluid being monitored. Especially useful when measuring corrosive or viscous pressure mediums.



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