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United Brass Works, Inc. united brass works

United Brass Works   Boiler Trim Valves


Phone: 847-356-0566      Fax: 847-356-0747      E-Mail:

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UBW Boiler Trim Valves


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UBW Boiler Trim Angle Valves
Boiler Trim Ball Valve
Boiler Trim Slow Opening Blow Down Valves
Boiler Trim Quick BlowDown Valves
Angle Valves Ball Valves Blow Down Valves (Slow Opening) Blow Down Valves (Quick Opening)
UBW Boiler Drains
United Brass Continuous Blow Down Valves
UBW Expansion Tank Fixtures
UBW Float Balls and Rod
Boiler Drains Continuous Blow Down Valves Expansion Tank Fixtures Float Balls and Rod
United Brass Works Float Valves
UBW Gate Valves
UBW Globe Valves
United Brass Works Lift Check Valves
Float Valves Gate Valves Globe Valves Lift Check Valves
UBW Boiler Trim Needle Valves
United Brass Safety Valves
UBW Boiler Trim Strainers
United Brass Swing Check Valves
Needle Valves Safety Valves Strainers Swing Check Valves
UBW Boiler Trim Tricocks
United Brass Works Water Gauge Fixtures
UBW Water Gauge Fixture Sets
UBW Whistle Valves
Tricocks Water Gauge Fixtures Water Gauge Fixture Sets Whistle Valves

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Phone: 847-356-0566      Fax: 847-356-0747      E-Mail: