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Our Products

P-500 Series Gauges P-570 Series Gauges P-575 Series Gauges P-590 Series Gauges P-915 Series Gauges 844 & 845 Series Gauges 562 Series Gauges ADJ Series Adjustable Bimetallic Thermometers BAC Series Bimetallic Thermometers POC Series Testing Thermometers TW-STEP Series Thermowells DT-8300 Series Digital Thermometers 571 & 572 Series Glass Tube Thermometers
XR Series Gauges Test Gauges 1535 Gauges 1900 Series SOLFRUNTĀ® Gauges Sta-Kool Cooling Element
Type C Series for Sanitary Applications Type E Series Type L Series for Low Pressure Applications Type R Series with Removable Metal Type S Series General Purpose Elements Type SCE Series for Tank Applications Type SCW Series for Fugitive Emissions Type SMJ and SNJ Series for Jacketed Pipelines Type ST Series for Low Pressure Type SF Series Flush Flange Type T Series for Corrosive Applications XR-Series All-welded Process Gauge and Diaphragm Seal
Custom Pressure Measurement Products Model ACT & DCT Media Isolated Pressure Transducers Model 831 Fixed Range Pressure Transmitter Model 88 Series Pressure Transmitters (Standard & Flushmount Versions) Model IND-100 Industrial Pressure Transmitter Model 851 Pressure Transmitter Sta-Kool Cooling Element
LEVEL MATE II Level Measurement System Model 675 Shark Cage Series Submersible Level Transmitters Model LMA Lightning and Secondary Surge Protection Model 575 Series Submersible Level Transmitters Model SDT Low Cost Submersible Level Transducer Model SST Slim-Line Submersible Level Transmitter Model DMC - Digital Meter/Controller
Model 89 Series QPL-MIL-D-24304 (SH) & QPL-MIL-P-24212 (SH) Military Grade Pressure Model 742 Series Mil-T-24742 (SH)
Model LPD High Purity Digital Meter/Loop Indicator Model 1535 High Purity Pressure Gauges Model IPS200 High Purity Pressure Switch/Gauge Model HPT100 High Purity Transducers
Model 40 Pneumatic Controllers and Transmitters